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Big Ten CommunicationsPublished: 5/1/2024, Last updated: 5/5/2024
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Big Ten To Send 12 Players to NCAA Men’s Tennis Championships

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ROSEMONT, Ill. – The Big Ten Conference has qualified 12 players for the 2024 NCAA Division I Men’s Tennis Championships. The singles and doubles championships will follow the team competition and take place May 20-25 at the Greenwood Tennis Center in Stillwater, Okla.

In singles, the Big Ten will have nine players represented from four schools. Big Ten Player of the Year Ozan Baris of Michigan State received the conference’s automatic qualification and will be seeded 9-16. Receiving at large berths were: Hunter Heck and Karlis Ozolins of Illinois; Gavin Young of Michigan; Ronald Hohmann of Michigan State; and Jack Anthrop, Justin Boulais, Cannon Kingsley and JJ Tracy of Ohio State.

Baris, Boulais, Kingsley, Ozolins, Tracy and Young competed in last year’s tournament, which saw Michigan’s Ondrej Styler advance to the final.

The doubles competition will feature four Big Ten pairs: Hunter Heck and Karlis Ozolins of Illinois, Jacob Bickersteth and Gavin Young of Michigan, Ozan Baris and Max Sheldon of Michigan State and Robert Cash and JJ Tracy of Ohio State. Cash/Tracy earned the conference’s automatic berth and are seeded fourth.

Heck/Ozolins and Baris/Sheldon are back for a second-straight year while Cash and Young return with different partners. The Ohio State tandem of Andrew Lutschaunig and James Trotter won five matches in five days to claim the 2023 NCAA Doubles crown in Orlando, Fla.

Ozan Baris, Michigan State (#9—28-6) +
JJ Tracy, Ohio State (#16—34-3)
Cannon Kingsley, Ohio State (#18—16-4)
Gavin Young, Michigan (#19—18-12)
Karlis Ozolins, Illinois (#27—17-9)
Jack Anthrop, Ohio State (#29—36-3)
Justin Boulais, Ohio State (#33—16-7)
Hunter Heck, Illinois (#42—20-11)
Ronnald Hohmann, Michigan State (#50—21-14)

Robert Cash/JJ Tracy, Ohio State (#2—13-2) +
Hunter Heck/Karlis Ozolins, Illinois (#9—22-5)
Ozan Baris/Max Sheldon, Michigan State (#16—12-5)
Jacob Bickersteth/Gavin Young, Michigan (#17—12-7)

(ITA ranking and records in parenthesis)
+ automatic qualifier