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Big Ten CommunicationsPublished: 7/10/2024, Last updated: 7/10/2024
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Big Ten Conference Announces 2024 Postgraduate Scholarship Recipients

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ROSEMONT, Ill. – The Big Ten Conference announced its annual postgraduate scholarship recipients on Wednesday, recognizing two student-athletes from each of the 14 Big Ten member institutions who plan to continue their education at a graduate degree program. These honorees will be awarded a $7,500 scholarship, based primarily on academic achievements.

This year’s recipients, who represent 15 different sports, will continue their education in a variety of different disciplines. Each Big Ten institution developed its own on-campus selection process when awarding the scholarships. Student-athletes must have maintained at least a 3.2 grade-point average (GPA), demonstrated leadership qualities, served as an excellent role model and intended to continue their academic work beyond their baccalaureate degree at a graduate degree program.

The Big Ten Postgraduate Scholarship will be used to pay expenses of the student’s postgraduate education to include such related activities as research and teaching, as well as other expenses such as tuition, fees, room and board, required course-related supplies and books. To retain the scholarship, the recipient must be accepted into a full-time graduate degree program within three years from the fall semester after selection.

The complete list of 2024 Big Ten Postgraduate Scholarship recipients can be found below.

Kate Duong, Tennis
Connor Milton, Baseball

Kennedy Reardon, Field Hockey
Maxwell Reich, Swimming & Diving

Vipasha Mehra, Tennis
Jeremiah Pittman, Football

Shaylan Ahearn, Lacrosse          
Garrett Kappes, Wrestling

Bode Saul, Soccer
Gabby Wilson, Gymnastics   

Michigan State
Ashley Harlock, Field Hockey 
Josh Smith, Cross Country

Brady Jurgella, Baseball
Madeline Wethington, Ice Hockey

Kolby Heinerikson, Track & Field
Lindsey Thiele, Golf     

Ben Forbes, Swimming & Diving
Levi Hoogendoorn, Fencing     

Ohio State
Katelyn Abeln, Pistol
Trent DiCicco, Lacrosse

Penn State
Olivia Damico, Soccer
Ben Doyle, Swimming & Diving

Michaela Herwig, Swimming & Diving 
Evie Sierra, Swimming & Diving

Steven Coponi, Track & Field
Emily Mahaffy, Rowing

Gabriel Huber, Tennis
Josefina Laznickova, Rowing