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Big Ten CommunicationsPublished: 6/12/2024, Last updated: 6/25/2024
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Big Ten Recognizes Spring Academic All-Big Ten Honorees

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Full 2024 Spring Academic All-Big Ten List

ROSEMONT, Ill. [June 12, 2024] — The Big Ten Conference recognized a total of 2,271 students competing in spring sports who have been named to the Academic All-Big Ten team Wednesday.

The list of honorees includes 174 baseball students, 80 men’s golf students, 72 women’s golf students, 181 men’s lacrosse students, 183 women’s lacrosse students, 310 women’s rowing students, 189 softball students, 56 men’s tennis students, 76 women’s tennis students, 291 men’s track and field students, 382 women’s track and field students, five bowling students, 74 fencing students, four pistol students, 17 rifle students, 18 women’s lightweight rowing students, 27 men’s rowing students, eight women’s synchronized swimming students, 18 men’s volleyball students, 57 women’s hockey students, 11 sand volleyball students, 31 women’s water polo students and seven women’s wrestling students.  

To be eligible for Academic All-Big Ten selection, students must be on a varsity team (as verified by being on the official squad list as of May 1 for spring sports), have been enrolled full time at the institution for a minimum of 12 months and carry a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 or higher. 

115 spring honorees had unblemished GPAs: 

Gavin Sitarz, So., Baseball, Finance, Michigan State  

Jaylen Jones, Jr., Baseball, Sport Industry, Ohio State  

Jake Marshall, Gr., Baseball, Digital Marketing, Rutgers 

Xavier Marcoux, Gr., Men’s Golf, Finance, Rutgers  

Alexis Halama, Jr., Women’s Golf, Integrative Biology, Illinois 

Mikaela Schulz, Gr., Women’s Golf, Int Practice IH MH& Substance Abuse, Michigan 

Caroline McConnell, So., Women’s Golf, Accounting, Michigan State  

Faith Choi, Jr., Women’s Golf, Sport Industry, Ohio State  

Leigha Devine, Gr., Women’s Golf, Global Sports Business, Rutgers  

Justin Sherrer, Gr., Men’s Lacrosse, Health Care Leadership and Innovation, Ohio State 

Jacob Snyder, Gr., Men’s Lacrosse, Public Management, Ohio State 

Ross Scott, Gr., Men’s Lacrosse, Labor Studies and Employment Relations, Rutgers 

Aiden Peduzzi, Gr., Women’s Lacrosse, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Maryland 

Emily Sterling, Gr., Women’s Lacrosse, Health Care Management, Maryland 

Dylan Amonte, Gr., Women’s Lacrosse, Post Baccalaureate, Northwestern 

Katie Buck, So., Women’s Lacrosse, Exercise Science, Rutgers 

Kimberly Greenblatt, So., Women’s Lacrosse, Journalism and Media Studies, Rutgers 

Cassidy Spilis, Gr., Women’s Lacrosse, Mathematics Education, Rutgers 

Kat Borders, Sr., Women’s Rowing, Human Biology, Michigan State  

Colby Orcutt, Jr., Women’s Rowing, Kinesiology, Michigan State 

Alaina Roush, So., Women’s Rowing, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/Biotechnology, Michigan State   

Isabella Bejaran, Gr., Women’s Rowing, Integrative Therapies/Healing, Minnesota 

Grace Loescher, Gr., Women’s Rowing, Nonprofit Management, Minnesota 

Annie Moen, Gr., Women’s Rowing, Civic Engagement, Minnesota 

Tess Thompson, Gr., Women’s Rowing, Kinesiology, Ohio State  

Jule Boeckmann, Sr., Women’s Rowing, Psychology, Rutgers 

Corina Coughlin, Gr., Women’s Rowing, Design, Rutgers 

Megan Evans, Gr., Women’s Rowing, Elementary/Early Childhood Education, Rutgers 

Sydney Lehrer, Jr., Women’s Rowing, Sociology, Rutgers 

Sophia Lutz, So., Women’s Rowing, Exercise Science, Rutgers 

Emily Mahaffy, Sr., Women’s Rowing, Environmental Policy, Inst and Behavior, Rutgers 

Christina Pender, Gr., Women’s Rowing, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers 

Grace Belson, Gr., Women’s Rowing, Sports Leadership, Wisconsin 

Campbell Dunn, Gr., Women’s Rowing, Geoscience, Wisconsin 

Ella Peterson, Jr., Women’s Rowing, Neurobiology, Wisconsin 

Sky Teegen, Gr., Women’s Rowing, Sports Leadership, Wisconsin 

Macy Lee, Jr., Softball, Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis, Michigan State  

Bri Enter, Gr., Softball, Addictions Counseling, Minnesota 

Reili Gardner, Sr., Softball, Psychology, Minnesota  

Sydney Strelow, Gr., Softball, Public Health Administration and Policy, Minnesota  

Sydney Gray, Sr., Softball, Finance, Nebraska  

Angela Zedak, Gr., Softball, Post Baccalaureate, Northwestern 

Sam Hackenbracht, Gr., Softball, Sport Coaching, Ohio State  

Jagger Saylor, Sr., Men’s Tennis, Human Biology, Indiana 

Max Bengtsson, Jr., Men’s Tennis, Applied Mathematics, Northwestern 

Jason Hildebrandt, Gr., Men’s Tennis, Sports Leadership, Wisconsin 

Josie Frazier, Gr., Women’s Tennis, Accountancy, Illinois 

Zeyneb Sarioglan, Sr., Women’s Tennis, Psychology, Minnesota 

Jillian Roa, Jr., Women’s Tennis, Economics/Philosophy, Nebraska 

Irina Cantos Siemers, Gr., Women’s Tennis, Sport Management, Ohio State  

Shawn Juliette, So., Men’s Track & Field, Finance and Data Science, Illinois  

Hunter Smith, Jr., Men’s Track & Field, Accounting, Indiana 

Peter Capozzoli, Sr., Men’s Track & Field, Aerospace Engineering, Maryland 

Owen MacKenzie, Gr., Men’s Track & Field, Biomedical Engineering PhD, Michigan 

Owen Gilbert, So., Men’s Track & Field, Digital Storytelling, Michigan State  

Andrew Nolan, Sr., Men’s Track & Field, Applied Engineering Science, Michigan State  

Tyler Pritchett, Sr., Men’s Track & Field, Applied Engineering Science, Michigan State  

Connor Williamson, So., Men’s Track & Field, Finance, Michigan State  

Isaiah Schafer, Gr., Men’s Track & Field, Sport Management, Minnesota  

Seth Schnakenberg, So., Men’s Track & Field, Biochemistry, Nebraska  

Sean Kaminski, So., Men’s Track & Field, Finance, Ohio State 

A’nan Bridgett, Gr., Men’s Track & Field, Public Health, Rutgers 

Jacob Bugella, Gr., Men’s Track & Field, Sports Leadership, Wisconsin 

Sam Craig, Gr., Men’s Track & Field, Mathematics, Wisconsin 

Justin Kiefel, Gr., Men’s Track & Field, Computer Sciences, Wisconsin 

Ben Nibbelink, Gr., Men’s Track & Field, Computer Sciences, Wisconsin 

Olivia Campbell, So., Women’s Track & Field, Psychology, Illinois 

Abby Lynch, Jr., Women’s Track & Field, Accountancy, Illinois 

Alli Bookin-Nosbisch, Sr., Women’s Track & Field, Sport and Recreation Management, Iowa 

Grace Bookin-Nosbisch, Sr., Women’s Track & Field, Sport and Recreation Management, Iowa 

Jamie Kofron, Sr., Women’s Track & Field, Economics, Iowa  

Lauren McMahon, Jr., Women’s Track & Field, Human Physiology, Iowa 

Julia Pattison, So., Women’s Track & Field, Health Promotion, Iowa  

Lillian Schmidt, Jr., Women’s Track & Field, Biomedical Engineering, Iowa  

Kelli Tosic, Sr., Women’s Track & Field, Theatre Arts, Iowa  

Leah Hill, So., Women’s Track & Field, Organizational Studies, Michigan 

Cassie Kearney, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Health Behavior & Health Education, Michigan 

Natalie Blake, So., Women’s Track & Field, Human Biology, Michigan State  

Madison Foster, So., Women’s Track & Field, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Michigan State  

Abbey Lee, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Global Health, Michigan State  

Sophia Lucki, Jr., Women’s Track & Field, Human Biology, Michigan State  

Grace Molloy, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Financial Planning & Wealth Management, Michigan State  
Kate Osika, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Communication, Michigan State  

Valadian Pallett, Jr., Women’s Track & Field, Genomics & Molecular Genetics, Michigan State 

Judith Rector, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Media and Information, Michigan State  

Allison Ziehl, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Global Health, Michigan State  

Ava Hill, Sr., Women’s Track & Field, Cell and Org Physiology, Minnesota  

Taylor Kreitinger, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Public Health Core Concepts, Minnesota  

Sydney Kretlow, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Teaching, Minnesota  

Ali Weimer, Jr., Women’s Track & Field, Sociology, Minnesota  

Hillevi Carlsson, So., Women’s Track & Field, Mathematics, Nebraska 

Alea Hardie, So., Women’s Track & Field, Child, Youth & Family Studies, Nebraska  

McKenna Lovehaug, Jr., Women’s Track & Field, Nutrition & Health Sciences, Nebraska 

Vivian Hacker, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Landscape Architecture, Wisconsin 

Victoria Heiligenthal, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Biomedical Engineering, Wisconsin 

Bella Jacobsen, So., Women’s Track & Field, Biology, Wisconsin 

Maggie Munson, Jr., Women’s Track & Field, Political Science, Legal Studies and History, Wisconsin 
Olivia Roberts, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Design & Innovation, Wisconsin 

Peyton Sippy, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling, Wisconsin 

Alexa Westley, Gr., Women’s Track & Field, Sports Leadership, Wisconsin 

Camilla Johannessen, So., Rifle, Management, Nebraska  

Katelyn Abeln, Sr., Rifle, Public Health, Ohio State  

Abbie Leverett, So., Rifle, Dentistry, Ohio State  

Emilie Rochon, Sr., Women’s Lightweight Rowing, Biochemistry, Wisconsin 

Rianne Wagner, Jr., Women’s Lightweight Rowing, Agronomy, Wisconsin 

Alexander Beer, Jr., Men’s Rowing, Business: Finance, Investment and Banking, Wisconsin 

Jonah Rane, Gr., Men’s Rowing, Sports Leadership, Wisconsin 

Justin Howard, RS-Sr., Men’s Volleyball, Sport Management, Ohio State  

Audrey Wethington, Gr., Women’s Hockey, Biological Sciences, Minnesota  

Madeline Wethington, Gr., Women’s Hockey, Biological Sciences, Minnesota 

Hadley Hartmetz, Gr., Women’s Hockey, Sport Management, Ohio State  

Quinn Kintz, Gr., Women’s Hockey, Sport Management, Ohio State  

Chayla Edwards, Gr., Women’s Hockey, Sports Leadership and Psychology, Wisconsin 

Jane Gervais, Gr., Women’s Hockey, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, Wisconsin 

Kaitlyn Kotlowski, Gr., Women’s Hockey, Sports Leadership and Rehabilitation Psychology, Wisconsin 

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